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ZEW for men

ZEW – a line of cosmetics for men who feel a strong affinity with nature. Our care products nourish your skin, body, and beards while allowing you to focus on what matters most – your life adventure. We are an independent brand with an international network of professionals who are ready to answer your questions about men’s health and care. Discover our natural men cosmetics and products made from the resources of the Bieszczady Mountains, invest in self-care, be adventurous, be – ZEW.

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Groomen is a Gdańsk manufacture created for men who require something more from cosmetics for the daily care of their beard and hair. Our products are based on the original recipe to show how much can be hidden in one small bottle. Effective, efficient, natural, environmentally friendly, and at the same time bathed in amazing fragrance notes, the cosmetics will make you not think about others once you reach for them. With smiles on our faces, we prove that good quality does not have to be expensive. Our team of chemists, biotechnologists and commodity scientists is well aware of this. Our offer includes beard, body and hair care products. We constantly supplement the range of our products and the inspiration for new products is, among others, barbers cooperating with us and, of course, customers who never run out of good ideas for new products.



Sticking to their oldfashioned roots, Leen and Bertus founded Reuzel using their combined 50 years experience to create the highest quality hair care and barbering products to exceed anyone expectations. Inspired by their love for Rock 'N' Roll and great hair they have brought back traditional ingredients in methods using their male-only barber shop in Rotterdam as the perfect base.

Using old school ingredients such as apple and beeswax Reuzel's range will turn anyone's routine into the most sophisticated it can be, used by rockers, bikers and the most modern gentlemen put your trust in them!

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Pan Drwal

The Pan Drwal Manufactory is something more than natural cosmetics for men. This is the path you take because you have freedom of choice and use it consciously. Our balms, oils, pomades, gels, shampoos and perfumes are characterized by not only natural composition and original packaging design, but also original fragrance compositions expressing your personality, emphasizing your way of seeing the world, manifesting your hunger for experience.

There is something else that connects us. Just like you, we know how important it is to gather around you the right people who will support the flow of good energy. That is why we constantly cooperate with unconventional personalities from the masculine world, together bringing a new quality to Polish cosmetics for men. With us, you will be exactly what you want to be.