ZEW – a line of cosmetics for men who feel a strong affinity with nature. Our care products nourish your skin, body, and beards while allowing you to focus on what matters most – your life adventure. We are an independent brand with an international network of professionals who are ready to answer your questions about men’s health and care. Discover our natural men cosmetics and products made from the resources of the Bieszczady Mountains, invest in self-care, be adventurous, be – ZEW.


Groomen is a Gdańsk manufacture created for men who require something more from cosmetics for the daily care of their beard and hair. Our products are based on the original recipe to show how much can be hidden in one small bottle. Effective, efficient, natural, environmentally friendly, and at the same time bathed in amazing fragrance notes, the cosmetics will make you not think about others once you reach for them. With smiles on our faces, we prove that good quality does not have to be expensive. Our team of chemists, biotechnologists and commodity scientists is well aware of this. Our offer includes beard, body and hair care products. We constantly supplement the range of our products and the inspiration for new products is, among others, barbers cooperating with us and, of course, customers who never run out of good ideas for new products.


Seven Potions, One Mission: Cultivating Excellence

Quality, performance, and innovation meet respect, confidence, and sustainability at the core of every Seven Potions product. These elements are what inspire true solutions for the modern gentleman’s grooming needs. This is how we cultivate excellence.

When Seven Potions designs and produces a product, we put ourselves in your shoes in order to understand the expectations you have from a company like us. Everything we make has always been thoroughly tested and produced under strict safety and quality control guidelines that deliver superior performance and a safe experience. We feel obliged to offer you nothing less than the best.

Since these humble beginnings, the Seven Potions commitment to help the modern gentleman upgrade his daily grooming routine, his appearance, and ultimately his self-confidence hasn’t changed. We continue cultivating excellence in the name of every individual who chooses to use our products.


The Pan Drwal Manufactory is something more than natural cosmetics for men. This is the path you take because you have freedom of choice and use it consciously. Our balms, oils, pomades, gels, shampoos and perfumes are characterized by not only natural composition and original packaging design, but also original fragrance compositions expressing your personality, emphasizing your way of seeing the world, manifesting your hunger for experience.

There is something else that connects us. Just like you, we know how important it is to gather around you the right people who will support the flow of good energy. That is why we constantly cooperate with unconventional personalities from the masculine world, together bringing a new quality to Polish cosmetics for men. With us, you will be exactly what you want to be.


Founded in 1908 by Ludovico Martelli, we’ve been setting trends in the shaving world for three generations. Proraso grows by Italy’s side.
It’s 1948: a small Florentine laboratory is experimenting on formulas that work, studying new products. It’s a time of innovation and change, a time to trust in the future and in a small business that they want to grow. This was the year of the Pre and After Shave Cream, which surprised with its freshness and efficacy: it was first embraced by Italian barbers and then by an ever-growing number of home shavers. The way of shaving changed in Italy that craved change.
The Proraso labs create products that stand the test of time, defy passing trends and become
classics. Over time, our formulas, based on natural and trusted ingredients, are enriched and
improved, our packaging is refreshed and new product lines win over new admirers. But the
underlying principle remains that was defined by Piero Martelli and later by his son Ludovico: to create professional, quality products that deliver a pleasurable and impeccable shave, in the barbershop and at home.

Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family is a Swedish company, producing natural products since 2012.

We started off locally and are now producing for the whole wide world. Offering a wide product line, offering something for everyone.


We are constantly working on improving and enhancing our existing products, as well as satisfying new markets and developing new ideas.

Our goal is to have all-natural products or as natural as they can be. Only the finest ingredients are used, carefully selected by us. We provide great prices, with no loss on an amazing
quality. Our products do not just make you look good, they are good! We promote the growth, care and culture of facial hair and We believe in natural, nurturing and caring products for the hair and body.

We would like to welcome you and hope that you would like to join our family.


One of the core tenets of Wild Hare UK has always been that everybody is different. Different beards. Different styles. Different brands. Different people. 

WildHareUK started life in 2019 as a review service centred around beard grooming. After hundreds of products had been sampled and tested, and brands from across the globe had been given the WildHareUK treatment, the time was right for WildHareUK to put our money where our mouth is and put what we had learnt into action. Our first range was released in winter 2020. 

WildHareUK is a company based in Hampshire UK, and is dedicated to providing high quality beard care products to bearded men all around the world.


We are driven to create honest goods that celebrate the craftsman and adventurers of the modern age. Oil Can honours the makers and the spirited who choose the road less travelled. Taking inspiration from people who follow their hearts through working with their hands.

Continuing the homage to working heritage, our Grease Tins place the mechanic and engineer at the heart of the range. Craftsmen who make and repair in order to keep us on the road and moving forward.

Inspired by vintage automotive culture, motorcycles and old-time workshops. Our Oil Cans are made of high-grade tinplate for durability and designed around the dropper for controlled application. Details matter. Quality sits at the heart of our company and we are driven to create the best.


                                  “Having been awarded double-digit Golden Beard Awards since its                                                              incorporation in 2018, it made perfect sense to add RUNESILK to our line-up                                        of beard care products. Their Elements range is stunning, and the hugely                                                 popular Dark Night is an absolute must to add to your beard maintenance                                             routine. Based in Cambridgeshire, Daniel Jones is the owner and creator of                                               RUNESILK and makes all of his products in small batches, using organic and                                       natural ingredients. Browse their selection of beard oils, butter and balms. Plus,                                     the soap is also very nice!”

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